In latin, Bellatorem means warrior, and so it’s natural that our fantasy is about warriors and the struggles they encounter.  We also thought Bellatorem sounded unique and would be easy to remember, so voila, Bellatorem was born.

Every fantasy franchise needs its own universe with unique characters, locations, civilizations, races and of course powers.  Can you imagine Star Wars without Wookies, Lord Of The Rings without Hobbits or Game Of Thrones without the Targaryens? Of course not, and Bellatorem is no different as it contains an array of unique species, exotic places, and characters with their own differentiating qualities.

Our universe is centered around a never-ending war between two magical spirits who manifest themselves within warriors, giving them super powerful traits. On the more enlightened and righteous side are the Monaki representing the light, and on the more sinister and evil side are the Serici representing darkness.   These spirits have destabilized the world of Bellatorem since their birth.


Our first project within the Bellatorem universe is a graphic novel called Fall Of The Dragon Kings. It takes place on a planet known as Petra in a time period dominated by the Dragon Kings, a race of humanoids who through a symbiotic relationship with their dragons are able to achieve extra long life, super strength, and control of their beasts.

This ‘Dragon’ period has a medieval and somewhat ancient tone with archaic cities, castles, and characters.  It also has other civilizations including the Ludayins, the Parthiians, the Dramarians, and the Hannic People.

Like humankind, civilizations themselves don’t represent good or evil but it is the individuals who make up these civilizations that lead them towards the light or towards darkness.

The moral conflict within the Bellatorem Universe is exacerbated by the two spirits, the Monaki (Mon-ah-k-i) and the Serici (Ser-rih-ss-i). It is these spirits that corrupt our heroes and villains either towards good or towards evil.  This duality combined with the nature of the individual makes our characters more complex, blurring at times, the line between good and evil.

Some characters are born with Monaki powers which allow them to control the energy force, Wa. Others may be born with Serici powers which allow them to use the dark energy, Ka. Both Monaki and Serici can train to enhance their powers and can teach people who are not born with either power to be able to harness the mystical forces that exist within all things.

More information and facts will be found on our Bellatorem encyclopedia which is under development.

The Bellatorem Universe