We’re the first entertainment company in history to be solely focused on being a fan-owned fantasy universe.

New equity crowdfunding laws will allow individuals to invest as little as one hundred dollars into the Bellatorem franchise. This means fans can become owners of Bellatorem without us needing to be a publicly traded company.  As the  Bellatorem franchise grows, our investor-fans will be able to get a behind the scenes experience as we develop our products and our universe.  When our company becomes profitable, those shareholders will be able to reap financial rewards as well.

We are recruiting the best to give you the best. Bellatorem is partnering with leading Hollywood creators, from independent artists and producers to A list talent and mini-major Studios to produce a slate of projects within the Bellatorem Universe.


Individually – we’re just nerds, the best type of course, but together we can create a whole NEW EPIC fantasy universe. The Bellatorem fantasy universe will be transformed into movies, tv, animations, video games, comic books and anything else our nerdy little brains can think up!

When fandom unites we can accomplish anything, after all, it’s we the fans who have the real power. It’s our eyeballs, thumbs, and wallets that powers GEEKDOM.

BELLATOREM’S long-term goal is to have millions of fans.  Once we achieve this, we’ll be able to regularly release live-action movies, tv series’, console mobile video games as well as expand on our existing comic book universe.

To see how we plan on accomplishing this see our Master Strategy Page.