Bellatorem is a unique opportunity and the first of its kind. It’s ambitious – a Marvel, Star Wars or DC sized opportunity – and it’s bold – fans have a chance to become investors of a groundbreaking franchise within an epic fantasy universe. We know a universe owned by fans is such a powerful idea, one that has the potential for exponential growth.

Our main financing model is structured around equity crowd funding, not to be confused with regular crowdfunding like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo which give prizes, not ownership.

We believe that giving fans part ownership in our studio is not only better than a crowdfunding prize but also a better business model as fans will be invested in Bellatorem’s success. If you as a fan invest, say $100, into Bellatorem you will want that investment to grow.  It is our job to double, triple or even 10X your investment. In short, our financial goal is to turn a $100 investment into $500. Or $1000. Or even $10,000.


Bellatorem is a fan OWNED entertainment universe allowing fans to engage in the creative process. While we love fan films, DIY creators, and crowdsourced entertainment, Bellatorem is fan-funded, NOT fan created. Sometimes people confuse these two concepts and we thought it essential to clear that up.

Bellatorem fans help our artists do what they do best, create great art, but more than that they help Bellatorem succeed in the marketplace. You see, entertainment products, especially movies can live or die based on opening weekend box office numbers. We’re betting on Bellatorem fans, especially those who have invested money into our business to help with word of mouth marketing.  It won’t turn a terrible film into a blockbuster success but it can help a great movie get the attention it deserves.

Our vision is to create movies on the level of major Hollywood studios, to create triple AAA video games, and to source some of the world’s best comic book creators. With your help, we can achieve it.


Why should the next BIG entertainment franchise be owned by fans?

We believe the next BIG fantasy entertainment universe should be owned by fans, not only because it’s a much more entertaining way to build a company, but also we believe there’s strength in numbers.

How many friends do you know that wouldn’t go see the next Star Wars movie or the next Marvel movie? In fact, probably most of your friends would go, right?

Now, imagine if all the fantasy fans of the world got together to fund a fantasy universe?

Well, we have and we think we’d be unstoppable together.  Why? Because individually we’re just consumers but together we have the power to move the entertainment industry in our direction.  How?

With a large Bellatorem member fan base we would have the power to attract the world’s leading creative talent while negotiate better financing, production and distribution deals.

With a large group of Bellatorem investor fans we would have the ability to pay for the crucial financing that takes place to initiate large scale projects like tent pole sized movies.

With a team of influencer fans, those individuals who have popular social media channels in the fantasy space, we would be able to create tremendous online buzz for our products and our campaigns.


Every great business needs a secret weapon right?

Ours is our influencer fans. Nowadays people get their media, recommendations and spend much of their free time on social platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.  Our influencer fans are made up of people who love Bellatorem and are incentivized to promote us on their channels.  This means we can harness the power of influencers, and get mass media advertising without spending a dollar.

Bellatorem uses proprietary software to track and reward influencer marketing results.


There’s just one more thing you should be aware of before you invest in BELLATOREM. Investing in pre-IPO startups is innately a risky proposition. While we believe we’re a billion dollar idea –or more– we’re still a very early stage company.

With that being said, the advantage of investing in an early stage startup is that if the company is successful you can make a lot of money. If you invested $100 in the very first stages of Google you’d have made hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. Now Google is one of the most successful companies of all times so even if we’re able to achieve a small fraction of what they’ve achieved then your investment could be worth a good deal of money.

The bottom line is that with any high risk, high reward investment, you should not invest any money that you cannot afford to lose. But if you can bear some risk and you want to shoot for the stars than we’d love to have you on board as an investor, a fan, or even a hero helping us to shape the next big entertainment universe.

As founder and creator, I’ve invested my own money, my own time, my reputation and my life on making this as successful as can be and only some evil supervillain — which don’t exist in the boring real world– will get in the way of me continuing to grow this company into the greatest fantasy universe of our time.

OCTAVIUS RA, founder and creator of BELLATOREM


CLICK HERE to enjoy our first project on us.  It’s a comic book series called Bellatorem: Fall Of The Dragon Kings.  We’re offering all member-fans a free digital comic subscription in order that they immerse themselves into the Bellatorem Universe.   Also as a member-fan, you’ll be taking one small step for humanity and one giant leap for fankind.  As such, we’ll update you on investment opportunities, new product releases, and give you access to member-only events, products and discounts.

Thanks in advance for your support and we welcome you into the Bellatorem community.