We’re using disruptive new equity crowdfunding laws to build the world’s first entertainment franchise and fantasy universe. We believe that by bringing fantasy fans, influencers and creators together into what we call the BELLATOREM UNION, that we will have the innate power to out-compete existing franchises or entertainment studios owned by Wall Street.


Fantasy is a great way to unite humankind as it transcends our past, current and future realities.  It’s no wonder why fantasy movies and fantasy franchises as a whole are already the most profitable genre in the entertainment industry.

The challenge is creating good quality fantasy products because they are so expensive to produce.  Take Marvel’s blockbuster movie, Infinity War. It cost over three hundred million dollars to produce, plus millions in advertising costs. For good reasons, this usually means that studios will only take chances on very well known intellectual properties with large built-in fan bases.  It also means studios are wary to take on creative risks and to develop new franchises.

As an independent studio, we would have a lot more creative flexibility, and our business model uniting fantasy fans and influencers would allow us to rapidly develop a fan base and promote Bellatorem products in a much more cost-effective way.

Our long term goal is to have thousands of influencers with a total combined social media following of over a hundred million followers so that when we release our products we’ll be bringing a huge audience to bear without having to spend uber amounts of money on advertising.

Fantasy fans would have three main ways to get involved by becoming a member-fan, a super-fan, and or an investor-fan.

By signing up to our site someone would automatically become a member-fan and would receive regular updates from us including information on product releases.  We believe within a few years we could have millions of member-fans who would be instrumental in making our products succeed in the marketplace. Additional to news updates member-fans would receive a number of perks including member only event access and a free digital comic book subscription.

We define our superfans as a member-fan who not only supports our traditional product releases like when one of our comic books ends up in-stores or when the movie is ready to be streamed but also purchases exclusive products that we’ll offer through Kickstarter and IndieGoGo campaigns.  Based on other popular crowdfunded campaigns we believe we could get tens if not hundreds of thousands of such supporters.  This not only would add more revenues to our company’s bottom line but would also draw new fans into our community.

Investor-fans are those who want to help create a new fantasy universe and enjoy part of the proceeds.  We believe we could get thousands of investor fans, and with time could have over a million investor fans.  If we could accomplish a million investor fans with an average contribution of $500 we would have over five hundred million dollars to invest in our products.  The good news is that even accomplishing a fraction of this will allow us to start producing AAA products.  For example, with unique film financing strategies, it is possible to produce a two hundred million dollar movie with only twenty million dollars.  Find out how the company Europa did that and more on film financing here.